Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter
Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter: Monroe County Animal Shelter - Dogs for adoption Tomah and Cats for adoption Tomah
Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter: Monroe County Animal Shelter - Dogs for adoption Tomah and Cats for adoption Tomah
Membership Drive: Just one family membership covers the cost of one dog spay!


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June 3  Mutt Strut
Veterans Park, Tomah
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July 4  Tomah Parade

August 26  Pooch Plunge
Tomah Aquatic Center

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Happiness abounds for the 16 cats and 8 dogs that found their new families last month!  Woohoo!!!!  Thank you all SO much!  5 cats also went to rescue! Onward for 2018.....may a 'long-termer' find their special person this year:)   Happy May Day...Momma Reagan finds her gal and Archie says...take two!!  Rory & Columbus will be 'brothers'!!  Jacqueline heads east with 2 buddies!!  Denise joins a canine alum and Georgia joins a feline alum!!  Miss Emilie says...take two!  Big day for Blake!  From roadside to bedside...Rosey!  Proud day for Momma Betsey as she watches from above as her litter starts to head home....Dudley...the first..followed by Grant!!  More homeward puppies...Lani, Abby, Patrick and Tommy!!!!  Little Jo crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.  Bradford is #7!   Lyndon & Eleanor will stay together!!  Otis hits the jackpot!  And the exodus is complete....Nicholas.....#8 heads home!  Franklin finds his fella!  Ross crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.  Elvis....take two!  Patchouli has his day(thank you Dr. Jodie & Staff!)!  Momma Cardamom has her day!  Chatty Finley finds his fella!   Mavis is officially adopted by her foster family!  Miss Kelly, the last ringworm kitty, finds a home(thank you Gina & Renee!)!




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