Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter
Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter: Monroe County Animal Shelter - Dogs for adoption Tomah and Cats for adoption Tomah
Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter: Monroe County Animal Shelter - Dogs for adoption Tomah and Cats for adoption Tomah
Membership Drive: Just one family membership covers the cost of one dog spay!


Information on cats   from Petfinder

Information on dogs  from Petfinder

Spay/Neuter Benefits

  • Best way to prevent unwanted litters
  • Fewer mammary tumors or prostate problems
  • Less urge to roam and potentially get hit by cars
  • Less stress ie calmer, longer lives

Taken from Sandra Swachuk, DVM in the 'On Call' Newsletter from UW School of Veterinary Medicine, Spring 2011 Edition

Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible animal ownership means more than adoring your cat or dog. Animal ownership is a serious commitment that consists of vital duties. Before you get an animal, you must pledge to be responsible. Here are some of the most important rules of conscientious ownership.

Think First: Animal ownership is not something to be entered into lightly. Owning a cat or dog is a long-term emotional and financial commitment. Before deciding that a certain animal is right for you, you must make an honest assessment as to whether your home is right for any animal. If circumstances in your home environment change, you must consider the toll it will take on your companion animal and make every effort to help him along.

Make the Commitment: Get ready for your new friend before you bring him home to make sure the transition will be as smooth as possible. Buy food, treats, a collar and leash, toys, grooming tools and other necessities in advance so your cat or dog will have everything he needs. Make a schedule so family members know who is responsible for food, water, walking, exercise, clean-up and grooming.

Bring your Cat or Dog Home: Give your new pet time to adjust to his new home. Show him to his crate or bed, and where to find food, water and litter box. Introduce your pet to your household slowly and allow proper introduction of other animals.

Keep your Animal Healthy: Set up a schedule for regular check-ups with your veterinarian. Cats and dogs should follow a strict schedule of vaccinations to prevent diseases. Keep your pet current on all vaccinations, following the schedule recommended by your veterinarian. Provide medication and treatment to prevent diseases such as heartworm and ticks/fleas.

Spay & Neuter: Millions of pets are euthanized each year because of pet overpopulation. If you do not have your animal spayed or neutered you are contributing to this problem.

Keep your Animal Safe: Your pet should have proper identification on at all times. Consider micro-chipping your pet for an added layer of protection. Proper identification can help you become reunited with your pet!

Be a Friend: Make time to spend with your pet playing, going for walks and/or planned activities with your family and trips.

Train your Cat or Dog: Teach basic obedience commands to your pet. Socialize your pet and attend classes together!

Be an Ambassador: You are responsible not only for your pet’s well being, but for the status of pets everywhere. Respect your neighbors property and don’t leave animal waste anywhere. Respect the local laws and purchase required licenses for your pet.


Tomah Vet Clinic- 1001 Superior Ave, Tomah (608)372-4879
Northside Vet Clinic - 209 N. Superior Ave, Tomah (608)372-0700
Sparta Vet Clinic- Hwy 16, Sparta (608)269-8234
Morganside Vet Clinic - 500 W. Wisconsin, Sparta (608)269-2355
Rolling Hills - 501 Main St., Wilton (608)435-6858
Cashton Vet Clinic - 406 South St., Cashton (608)654-5284
Leon Valley Vet Clinic - 7369 Kate Ave., Sparta (608)269-3292
Hillside Animal Hospital- W5706 Hwy 33, La Crosse (608)788-3425
UW-Madison Vet School

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