Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter
Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter: Monroe County Animal Shelter - Dogs for adoption Tomah and Cats for adoption Tomah
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Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter: Monroe County Animal Shelter - Dogs for adoption Tomah and Cats for adoption Tomah
Membership Drive: Just one family membership covers the cost of one dog spay!


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October 29  TSC Day   Pet Costume Contest (1pm),  Bake Sale, Save A Dog Sale, pet photography,  Tractor Supply store, Tomah 10 - 2

November 12   Tupperware Sale at the shelter

November 25  Tomah Holiday Parade

January 7th  Pins for Pets    
8 pin tap   Colonial Bowl    Sparta

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A tremendous bunch of happy, happy tails for the 18 dogs and 24 cats that found their new families last month!  Thank you all so much!!    Happy day for HankClaudius has his day(thank you Dr. Jodie & staff!)!  Ollie hits the jackpot(thank you, Beth!)!  Maggie's Monday(thank you again, Beth!)!   Jacqueline crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.  Parfait Tuesday!  McGee(thank you, Renee!) & Tin Man(thank you, Dr. Jodie & staff!) will be siblings!!  Freya hits the jackpot!  Fritz/Henry has forever!  Miss Ellery gets her gal(thank you, Anna!)!  Fabulous feline day....Rania(thank you, Renee!) and Benny find new peeps!!  Jeannie finds her gal and Carter has a new pal!!  Archer starts a new life(thank you, Andrea!)!  Double dog Saturday....Max meets his man and Karla helps mend some broken hearts!!  Shady and Foggy shine brightly(thank you, Dr. Jodie& staff!)!!   Dakota has forever!   Joplin sings a happy tune!  Caroline finds her owner!  Benji,the kitten, is reclaimed!  Beautiful Belarus!  Awesome day for Miss Ashley(thank you, Dr. Jodie & staff!)!  Hooray for Miss Honey!  Little Sterling passes over the Rainbow Bridge.  Super day for Sully!  Happy hump day for Miss Kofi and Mr. Connery as they head home together(thank you, Renee!)!!  KATHRYN!

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